PUCKLES Toss, Roll, Slide Games for Family-Friendly Fun at the Beach or on Ice | Includes 6 Proprietary Pucks, 1 Foam Dice and 1 Carrying Bag

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  • FIRST OF ITS KIND: Toss, Roll & Slide games invented BY family & friends FOR family & friends. If you like Cornhole, Bocce or Shuffleboard then you’ll like Puckles!

  • SIMPLE: Most fun when played on sand or ice. Toss, roll or slide the modified pucks (aka “puckles”) at EITHER the foam dice included (“bocce” rules) OR create your own targets using the sand or ice. Simplified scoring rules included on the back of the carrying bag.

  • ADAPTABLE GAMEPLAY: Easy to adapt based on skill level or to keep the games fresh! In sand, dig larger holes for easier scoring and smaller holes for skilled players - Rearrange hole locations (triangle vs straight-line formation, etc) - Draw shapes around the holes for additional scoring opportunity - Dig trenches behind to forgive long shots (awarding with minimal point value of course). Share your favorite gameplay adaptations with friends & family!

  • CONVENIENT: Compact & lightweight making it easy to transport. Quick to set up & learn. Minimal space required to play. Weather-resistant, durable materials with mesh design so that debris can be left behind!