GAMEPLAY FAQ (Frequently Argued Questions)

PuckleBoard® is a new game. We've collected feedback from our customers, friends, family, pets, and rule sticklers (you know who you are) to create this Frequently Argued Questions page so that you may settle common disputes. Ultimately it is up to you how you want to play. We're just glad you purchased our game.

Who shoots first?

Flip a puckle and call it in the air to see who shoots first/second in the first round. We believe shooting second is a distinct advantage as you can knock your opponent's puckles off and keep yours on with the last toss. For that reason, the highest scorer of the previous round earns the right to shoot second and the right to steal points over and over again. 

Do points cancel each other out?

Any time opposing teams have a puckles in the same scoring zone, the points associated with those puckles will zero each other out.

However, puckles in different zones do NOT cancel and score points for their respective zones. If you don’t like canceling puckles, that’s fine. Some people don’t like eating meat or making the bed when they wake up… just do what you like.

Do Points Cancel?

Can a puckle touch the ground?

Duh, have you heard of gravity? The puckle will most likely fall to the ground every time you throw it. All that matters is whether or not the puckle is off the board when the round is over. If there is question whether the puckle is on or off, slowly lift the board off of the ground (especially when playing in tall grass) and see if the puckle stays on.

What happens if I make a mistake and go over 21?

If it was your first puckle, the good news is you still have a few chances to knock it off or watch your opponent accidentally cancel it (they'll be embarrassed). If you do end the round with a score over 21, you've knocked yourself back to a predetermined number. We suggest 15, but you can make it whatever you want.

What happens if both teams end a round at exactly 21 points?

Congrats, you are playing a pretty intense game. You definitely don't want to lose this one now. When this happens, wipe the board clean and replay the round. It's up to you if you want to trust your teammates to throw any puckles after that.

What if my puckle lands on top of another puckle?

Pat yourself on the back, cause that's pretty cool. You don't get any real bonus points for it, though. Sorry.

Am I allowed to make up my own rules?

You do you, these are just our suggested rules. Play the game however you like, and if think you have any great ideas, please share with us!