PuckleBoard Game Set | Lite

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Introducing the "Lite" version of PuckleBoard. With all of the gameplay and functionality of the OG PuckleBoard Game Set, these boards are much thinner but made with the same high-quality material of the OG set.

Featuring a custom inscription of the PuckleBoard logo (no more board stickers!), these are super lightweight and connect using a tab system for simple setup and breakdown each time you play.  

With the same additional upgrades as the OG set on both our custom designed Puckles and the PB carrying bag, these sets are also flying off our garage shelves! 

Note: These boards play best on soft surfaces i.e. sand/grass outdoors or carpet indoors. 

2 Boards (8 pieces which disconnect to fit easily into the carrying bag)
6 Puckles (3 red & 3 blue stickers)
2 Shock Cords 6' in length (used to connect board pieces)
1 Carrying Bag
Note: There is a slight change in dimensions of the scoring areas as each piece is now 12" x 12".