# OF PLAYERS: (suggested)
This is certainly a multi-player game. We've played with as many as 8 but there really is no limit if you have enough patience!
***Alternate style of play*** SURVIVOR MODE: whoever completes the least farthest throw is eliminated after each round
Be the King of the Long Toss by landing a puck on the boards from the furthest away. It's not as easy as it would seem, and you need to work up to the distance. 
Place the boards side-by-side one another with the stickers on the outside. Make sure you have plenty of room to back up and nothing is in the way. We also recommend you don't play around storm drains or anything else that a puck may be able to roll into. Things are going to great crazy.
One person starts with all six pucks at a predetermined distance. This distance is where everyone must start every round. Once you toss a puck that lands and stays on the board, move back a distance you would like. Toss from that distance until you either land another puck on the board or run out of pucks to toss. If you land another puck on the board from that distance, move back again and repeat until you are out of pucks.
Place some sort of marker that is unique to you (could be a sandal, the PuckleBoard bag, a stick, etc.) to mark where you made your last shot from (not where you tossed from last). That is now your mark. Let everyone else go through the same thing to see who holds the longest toss. 
Play as many rounds as you would like. Three rounds is usually an amount that makes sense to people but hey, it's up to you.
Note: We recommend moving back a minimum of 1 foot from a previous longest toss to show you actually have what it takes to beat it. Moving back just a couple of inches is weak sauce. 
Keep track of your longest toss and share it with your friends/us/whoever will listen. It would be cool to crown a King of the Long Toss. We could even look into getting a official world record. That would be sweet.