What is the odds game?

Simply put, it's a game of dares where you wager the odds of your own fate with friends and family. It can be played anytime, anywhere - all you need is an imagination, a little luck and a lot of courage!

In essence, for any dare or challenge that you can think of, your friend or family member will have a "willingness to perform" threshold. This threshold will vary from person to person depending on the dare or challenge at hand. We call this the odds. 

How do you play?

1. Choose a dare
(i.e. "What are the odds you do jumping jacks on the table in this crowded restaurant right now?")

2. The person being dared selects a number range that represents the odds they will actually perform the dare. Typically, the more outrageous the dare, the higher the range you give to the person daring you.
(i.e. "Jumping jacks on the table right now!? Probably 1 out of 50...")

3. Both parties simultaneously count down backwards from 3, immediately followed by a random number that falls within the selected range.
(i.e. 3, 2, 1 ... 15!)

4. If both parties say the same number in the range, than the person must perform the dare.

If you haven't picked up on it yet, no one wins when playing the odds game. Just don't break any laws and avoid dangerous activities that could get someone hurt.

Why would someone want to play this game?

Good question. We often ask ourselves the same, usually after a bad beat. In all seriousness, we love the game because it can be really wild (you begin to evaluate all your life decisions) or really tame (getting a friend to do your laundry).

We also like that we don't need anything except ourselves to play - no electronics, no equipment, just you and your friends having some fun in any situation you're together. 

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